Let’s Yoga!


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Let’s Yoga!

During my years as a Florida School Principal, I was consumed with a job I loved.   Eventually however, accumulated stress and tension took its toll on my body and my Chiropractor recommended DRUGS- just kidding- she recommended Yoga.   So………..Yoga I did!

With nothing but time on my hands, my stretchy shinny yoga pants got a chance to visit several yoga classes while constricting every muscle in my body.   After purchasing a beautiful pink yoga mat, matching purple yoga blocks, purple straps, BenGay, Icy Hot, Extra Strength Advil and Epsom Salt, I was decked out to Yin and Yang on my yoga mat.   It was not a pretty sight at all,  prompting me to give each of these yoga practices a one star rating out of five in my book.  And, I didn’t even attempt Wall or Acrobatic Yoga for fear of breaking my neck in public!

  • Bikram or Hot Yoga was a total bust.  Hot flashes and hot yoga simply do not mix.*
  • Vinyasa Yoga was way too vigorous, exhausting and designed for the Orlando Cirque du Soleil performers.*
  • Ashtanga Yoga was too fast paced creating more stress and tension  in my body in an effort to strike a pose.  It really wasn’t worth the time or effort.

In spite of a few obstacles and muscle fatigue,  I was determined to experience success in my quest for the perfect yoga class.  In other words, I wasn’t giving up that easily even if I had to return to the Chiropractor for a routine spine and neck alignment.   I was more determined than ever and my new Motto was: ” Im-a-stay.”  After trying,  Hatha Yoga, Gentle Yoga and Restorative Yoga, I think I found my niche in the world of yoga. These yoga practices earned a four or five star rating in my book.

  • Hatha Yoga was a beginners yoga practice that was gentle and calming.  The poses were slow and graceful.  It was definitely worth my time and energy.  I left the class feeling happy and refreshed.   Plus, it didn’t hurt that Home Goods awaited across the street from the yoga studio and so did “mi cafe.”*****
  • Gentle Yoga was a good fit for me also.  It was geared for those yogis who are already quite fit but lack overall flexibility and balance.  In other words, those who are wound as tight as a drum- just like me! *****
  • Restorative Yoga was my absolute favorite.  The poses were easy, gentle and props like pillows, blankets and blocks were used for maximum comfort and flexibility.  Each yoga pose was held for 3-5 minutes and the calmness and peace derived from the practice generated  deep sleep and a wonderful sense of well-being.  It felt just like a spa massage. ****

With goal two- Let’s Yoga– DONE- I’m feeling just a bit more happy and way more relaxed.  What have you accomplished this year you are most proud of?

Namaste for now!  “Im-a -stay in bed.”






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