Isla del Encanto- Puerto Rico

Toro Salao in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Today is our first day back home from a five day stay on the beautiful  “Isla del Encanto” 🌴 or Island of Enchantment better known as “PUERTO RICO” or RICH PORT.    All I can say is —it was way too SHORT!

My hubby and I left longing for more time to enjoy ☀️ 70 degree weather,  tropical breezes,  mosquito free quarters,  sangria roja 🍷,   specialty dishes of pork with plantain and the musical notes 🎶 of “El Coqui” – a tiny inch long frog unique to the island of Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 with a one of a kind mating call.

90 years old!

The highlight of our trip was celebrating my dear mother-in-law’s 90th 🎈🎉🎂- yes-90th.   In spite of a few aches and pains, she was alert, witty,  happy🤗 and eager to open 🎁 and enjoy good food, 🎂with bubbly🥂🍾.  We were so blessed and honored to be a part of the festivities and spend some island time with her and the rest of the M clan!

During the short stay,  we landed in Old San Juan- capital of Puerto Rico to have lunch at our favorite spot- “Toro 🐂 Salao “ -or the Salty Bull🐂 Sangria and Tapa Bar/ Restaurant . There we feasted on shrimp 🍤 empanadas with chipotle 🌶 dipping sauce, beef and bacon sliders 🍔, sweet potato chipotle fries, organic green salads 🥗, and the mouth watering Signature Toro 🐂 Sangria Roja🍷 with a dash of pineapple🍍, mango, lemon-lime 🍋, and passion fruit juice.  It’s  a real tropical 🌴 explosion 💥!   We topped it off with an island treat of “coco con parcha” or coconut with passion fruit – a gelato type dessert and the best mocha-chino cafe ☕️ ☕️in the island-expresso with chocolate topped with steaming frothy milk.  All for about $50 bucks-priceless!

El Toro Rojo Sangria
Lunch at Toro Salao



Coco y Parcha


With a quick trip after all the festivities to Plaza Carolina – the local mall for a few souvenirs  of “casitas” magnets,  “pique” for the guys and matching sneakers for my good-looking  boys B👦🏻 & E👶🏼🍼we were ready for our Jet Blue ✈️ flight back home 🏡.



Handmade casita magnets for the gals
Pique for the guys

However, in an effort to ease back into my reality as gently as possible,  I  found the musical notes 🎶 of “El Coqui” on youtube for you to enjoy.   So sit back, relax and listen to the sounds of nature as you attempt to sleep tonight to the evening song of “El Coqui.”  Sweet dreams 😴  and “buenas noches.”



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