Loom Knitting ❤️

A new love for yarn
New collection of looms

I recently joined a great group of individuals dedicated to giving back to others or paying it forward with beautiful handmade creations.

The Deltona Happy Hookers ❤️ meet once a week for several hours to knit, crochet and loom – hats, blankets, afghans, baby hats and booties.  These beautiful masterpieces are created with donated yarn by very talented men 👴and women 👵🏻 (yes men 👴knit too) then given to the Salvation Army, the Coalition for the Homeless, veterans, cancer patients and hospitals for 👶 newborns or premies in the NICU.  Some afghans are even donated to the library for silent auctions for fund raising.

On my first visit to the DHH as a peace ✌🏼offering,  I brought yarn to donate to the group to make-up for my lack of skills. ( I thought maybe they wouldn’t notice I didn’t have a clue.)   I was warmly greeted by Nancy 👩🏻‍⚕️ their fearless leader who was super nice.  So with zero experience but a genuine desire to learn,  I sat next to Alice 💁who was also fairly new to the group and a loom knitter.  Alice convinced me loom knitting was the way to go- faster, easier and effortless.  So with green donated yarn, a few looms I purchased and a loomahat.com tutorial on YouTube recommended by my new friend,  I began loom knitting 👶 baby hats and booties in about an hour ⏰ each.   Baby👶 hats were fairly quick and  easy- booties were a bear🐻 -those took several (3) attempts before they resembled real baby booties.  Almost immediately,  I found a love for loom knitting tiny baby items.   Even B 👦🏻& E👶 will be the proud owners of hats for our trip✈️ to Arches National Park, Utah next month in April!

My first attempt at loom knitting
Finally a set to donate

Also recently, a grant $$$  I wrote ✍🏼  (“Good Works” ) for supplies was awarded to the group by Thrivent Financial  to help us expand our reach even more.   It’s really exciting and rewarding to create something beautiful with your own hands and then just give it away as a 🎁.  It even sparks joy.   I still have much to learn about the world of  loom knitting,  but making new friends as I learn is the icing on the cake 🎂.  So if you ever have the time or desire to pay it forward come and join us!



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