Inspire Bible for Journaling

Inspire Bible forJournaling

Last year, the week before Mother’s Day 💐, Barnes & Nobles sent out a flash e-mail 💌  about bibles for 50% off in honor of Mother’s Day 🌻.    I guess they were thinking Mothers needed all the extra divine grace ❤️and intervention ❤️ they could get.   Since my 20 year old bible was coming apart at the seams and looking really used and torn,  I asked for an Inspire Bible for Journaling as a MD 🎁.  This bible would help me memorize bible passages or scripture while giving me a creative outlet by using all types of mediums and colors for self-expression and relaxation!

Inspire Psalms
Psalm 59;16

Little did I know the Inspire Bible for Creative Journaling was on the top 10 best selling book list standing strong 🏋🏼 at #8, so getting one in my little 🖐🏽 🖐🏽was going to be – Mission Impossible! After multiple calls ☎️, we found one in  Daytona and drove to Family Christian Store to pick it up.  We scored the last beautiful teal Bible for Journaling with my name engraved (of course for a price) at 50% off!   I was feeling like a kid in a candy store and of course,  I needed extra candy to get started.   Those included  multiple gel pens,  colored pencils and several scrapbooking supplies at Michael’s.

Gel pens in gold, silver and every color in the rainbow
Artist Inspiration

With exactly 10 months into BJ,  I can say my new bible has definitely helped  me add a few more memorized passages to my repertoire. I’m  able to share passages with others or quote scripture in time of need when I’m feeling a little stressed or overwhelmed or when others need a little encouragement.  After attending Amber Bolton’s seminar ( the creative genius behind Bible Journaling) I’ve been inspired to test out all sorts of colors and mediums to personalize my new bible.  I have even added new books 📚- Inspire Psalms and The Psalms in Color – especially since Psalms is my  favorite❤️book of the bible.   I am thankful that  BJ has inspired and encouraged me to open my colorful bible much more often.

New additions

So if you are ever in need of a little  soulful relaxation or perhaps some prayerful meditation – Bible Journaling may be a simple way to get into your bible daily to Reflect, Relax and Rejoice!

The Psalms in Color
Psalm 89:1




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