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Green Smoothie

I recently fried 🔥 the motor on my beloved Nutri Bullet in my quest to find the tastiest and healthiest green smoothie recipe!   I was really bummed for days missing my daily smoothie fix and tried really hard to go cold  🦃 for a month .  Who needs a green smoothie everyday?  However,  who was I kidding?  I needed a daily smoothie fix and energy boost everyday.

Plus growing organic greens 🥒🥗🥙 in the Tower Garden made it easy to experiment with kale, spinach, spring mix, parsley and fruit favorites 🍉🍏🍎🍐🍊🍋🍌🍍🍒🍓🍈 for our daily green smoothie fix.

Healthy Greens for Smoothies

Since our daily green smoothie addiction required powerful motorized strength 🏋🏼and the Nutri Ninja Professional with 900 watts of amazing ice chopping powers was on sale at Wally World – the Ninja baby was definitely it!  C and I made a mad dash to buy the little gem 💎 in order to test its super Ninja powers and try its 30 days of recipes booklet.  And I was so happy 😊to be back in the smoothie making business.

Nutri Ninja
Nutri Ninja Professional

Our #1 favorite green delight includes a cup of all four greens from the TG and a cup of frozen papaya, mango, strawberries 🍍, a splash of key lime honey 🍯 and half a cup of OJ.

Earning the #2 spot as all time favorite is the all four greens,🍍, banana, 🍒 , a splash of lavender or orange blossom honey 🍯 and coconut water smoothie.

With hot summer🏝☀️ days quickly approaching you may also want to enjoy some of these amazingly delicious and healthy green smoothies.   Or perhaps you may just want to share some of your favorite recipes in the comment box below so others can enjoy your favorites.  Cheers!

Recipe Booklet




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