So simple but beautiful
Why is someone’s old stuff (no one really wants) so appealing yet incredibly expensive?  Well, I’m guessing because  it’s Vintage!    As M and her hubby R tackle a massive fixer upper project on three acres – C & I  are all in with tons of moral support,  constant encouragement,  a little back breaking labor(mainly C) and plenty of unsolicited opinions (mainly me).  Now, don’t judge- cause at least we help out with their two very active  boys 👦🏻 & 👶!
Rustic farmhouse table requires your first born as payment

We recently had our fill of the Vintage experience at The Mill and Adjectives.  These unique 4,000 sq. ft.  stores specialize in repurposing then selling anything and everything your little heart ❤️ may desire both new and old!

Old world lighting

While browsing for a rustic farmhouse table, a farmer’s sink, a stand alone tub 🛀🏼, old looking clocks⏰⏱🕰, decorative signs, and distressed furniture,  a barnyard door and windows, it suddenly dawned on me, we could have opened our own Vintage shop with all the stuff we threw out in the 80s with each of our four military moves.

However, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.  It was great fun to get some ideas💡and inspiration to build a farmhouse table to sit ten for Sunday brunch or dinner.  We also walked away with a brand new sparkling white farmhouse sink, a stand alone tub, three old silver buckets for eclectic kitchen lighting and a really cool looking wooden toolbox for flowers 🌺 🌸🌻 in big mason jars

Repurposed furniture with chalk paint
 Lesson learned on this trip –   ” Don’t throw out your old junk cause it may fetch big bucks $$$$$ in the future! ”  It’s way to late for me but maybe not for you.
More wall sayings

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