So Blessed and Grateful ❤️

Walk to the beach
Beach to ourselves
As we honor all those dedicated men and women who serve or have served and given their precious lives for the freedoms we enjoy daily, let’s take time to do these three simple things:

Reflect upon the amazing gift 🎁 of living in the 🇺🇸 where we can all freely express our own personal political views and religious beliefs.

Give thanks for the extraordinary abundance of having everything our little ❤️ desires on a daily basis even when we don’t need it!

Ben and Daddy
Rejoice over the joyous blessing of family and friends bestowed upon us by a  merciful, graceful and loving Savior!
Tropical Fruit Pie ❤️
Hoping you’re enjoying this gorgeous Memorial Day as much as we are at the new beach house of newly retired family friends in Cape Canaveral Beach, FL!  We had the beach ⛱⛱⛱ all to ourselves to enjoy a feast of  🍗, 🍤, 🥙, sandwiches, homemade Sangria 🍷and my absolute favorite Tropical Fruit Pie ❤️ !

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