Book Review: The Magnolia Story

The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines
Chip and Joanna Gaines have endeared themselves to millions of viewers who ❤️ restoring, fixing and transforming something old and worn into something new and beautiful—-all within a budget💰!
Their gorgeous kids Drake, Ella Rose, Emmie Kay, and Duke  (yes-I’m all in) and that amazing picturesque🏡 farmhouse make it intriguing to watch those stunning home transformations in Waco, TX.

Fixer Upper 🛠🔧🔩 on HGTV 🖥 propelled their new book 📔 to the New York Times, Amazon, USA Today and Barnes & Noble bestsellers lists for months (making it really difficult for me to snag a copy at my local library-bummer ☹️.)

However,  finding nothing else that  really peaked my interest and  great 🌟🌟🌟🌟 reviews,  I broke down and downloaded an e-copy of The Magnolia Story by the Gaines onto my iPad.
To my surprise, I was not disappointed.  I normally start a book, put it down and seldom return to it because I quickly lose interest.   But this non-fiction beauty 💎 was different,   I was literally hooked from beginning to end- starting with its take on a hilarious ⛵️ boat fiasco,  their love story❤️, followed by who let the dogs out 🐶 and the forgotten sleeping baby.
At times, it did make me laugh, 😂 or cry 😢 and reflect upon those life challenges we all face-marriage, raising kids, and financial burdens–especially during the beginning years of their relationship.
However, it’s evident throughout their journey -an incredible work ethic, ❤️  joy for family and deep Christian faith has blessed them with God’s amazing grace and generosity.

I would highly recommend the book if you are a fan of the show and curious about the charismatic, dynamic duo who have reaped the fruits of their labor!  I cannot wait for their upcoming show Fixer Upper: Behind the Design.


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