Tea Rooms

Do you have a ❤️ for all things TEA!  Lemon 🍋 ginger, cranberry, pomegranate, passion fruit, orange 🍊 blossom, mango, 🍑 peach, cucumber 🥒, 🌴 coconut, 🍍pineapple, 🍎 -cinnamon, hibiscus , chamomile, and spicy 🍐 pear teas are all favorites-never met a tea ☕️ I don’t like.  So trying new teas has become a little obsession as long as they are herbal, caffeine-free and loaded with flavorful honey!
Afternoon tea platter
Lemon ginger tea and honey
Teas and cakes to take home
Cold ❄️ in the summer and hot 🔥in the winter- it doesn’t matter the time or season of the year  just as long as it’s sweetened with plenty of tasty raw 🍯 honey!  In fact, replacing tea for sodas is proven to be a really healthy swap -rich in flavonoids and antioxidants.💋
Royals Tea Room
My quest for that amazing cup of tea at various Florida Tea Rooms ☕️ has become a fun adventure. Of course,  the cream cheese 🥒 and chicken finger sandwiches with fruity scones, Devonshire cream, ham and those tiny bite size desserts make the whole experience absolutely delicious and reminiscent of Downton Abbey! Even Mr. Fitbelo and M have joined me for a delicious lunch at my favorite ❤️ -Royal Tea Room -just 15 minutes from home and owned by two gals from London with beautiful British accents- (a mother and her daughter-in- law)
Another favorite ❤️ The Tea Room Experience in Orlando is owned by two lovely Latinas.  The only drawback is it’s in the ❤️ of Orlando and has both meter and parallel parking 😡!  But “las damas” are super attentive and gracious so it’s worth the trip. If you are out that way make a point to drop in and visit. They even gave me a tiny cupcake to go which never made it 🏡.
So, if you ever have a desire to help promote a small, local, family business be sure to visit a tea room.   Call for a reservation because tea rooms  are
small, quaint establishments that fill up quickly with 👰 bridal and baby 👶 showers!
Enjoy some ☕️ soon!

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