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Joy of Christmas Toy Drive
Joy of Christmas Toy Drive

Have you ever heard of Thrivent Financial? It’s a top rated financial company that strives to assist its Christian members in helping their community by awarding grants.

Booties and hats for babies in NICU

The project is called Team Action Grants ❤️ and it awards $250 seed money for each project that helps your community. The only catch is that you have to be a Thrivent member and a Christian. You become a member by purchasing products like a Roth IRA, annuities or life insurance.  This entitles you and your spouse (if he is a member also)

to write two Team Action Grants each (yearly -for a total of four) to assist with any project that helps your local community.  After you write the grant and receive approval, you gather friends or family to complete the project.   Once completed you report back the results and take a brief survey.

So far Thrivent Financial ❤️ has graciously awarded $250 seed money for each of these projects to:
✅ purchase organic seeds for a church garden to provide fresh produce to those in need.
✅ purchase 👶 baby yarn for knitting and looming hats and booties for babies in NICU.
✅ purchase turkeys 🦃 for families at school during the Thanksgiving season.
✅ purchase toiletries and non-perishables for the homeless.
✅ purchase toys for our Joy of Christmas 🎄 toy drive.
With so many financial companies out there to choose from it’s often difficult to find one that gives back to its members and their community.  However, Thrivent Financial is that one gem among the many companies out there.   So if you are in the market for financial products be sure to check it out!

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