Lessons Learned in 2017 ❤️

I learned some valuable gems 💎 in 2017…..Some came easily 😊 while others were much more challenging! 😡

Lesson 1:
Blogging is time ⏱consuming and takes dedication, “mucho tiempo” and  lots of patience . But it’s fun and challenging. Weekly posts were way too ambitious for a novice blogger like me during 2017  …..-so during 2018 I’ll shoot for bi-monthly posts- one mid month and one end of each month starting in February 2018.

Tower Gardening
Fresh produce

Lesson 2:
I love ❤ Tower Gardening! While taking a break from it due to tight quarters in our small apartment,  I realized how much I missed growing my own food so come early Spring🌸🌼🌻, I’ll be growing organic food again. 🥦🥒🥗

Lesson 3:
Decluttering and staging a large home 🏠 to sell while building a smaller home to downsize was extremely challenging but well worth the effort.   And, moving twice within a year was really exhausting and stressful ! 😩  But nothing beats building a new smaller home.

Lesson 4:
Buying a fixer upper🔨and gutting it for a complete 🏠 renovation is much harder than it looks on HGTV’s Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop!   R & M’s fixer upper was filled with blood, sweat and tears, but was a true labor of love ❤ worth the sacrifice.   Proud of them for persevering and stepping up to such a challenge!  ❤

Fixer Upper
Beautifully done!








Lesson 5:
Restoring old furniture using Annie Sloane Chalk Paints 🌈 is easier than it looks – thanks to Youtube.  It’s therapeutic, relaxing hobby and the beautiful finished piece is the icing on the 🎂.  I will definitely do it again and  loom knitting baby items is so rewarding.

What lessons did you learn in 2017?   Share your best lesson learned this past year and may 2018 be filled with new lessons and adventures. 

Loom Knitting
Restoring old furniture

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